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Our Story - Start Here

Who we are, why we're writing this, and why you should listen. Our journey to financial freedom and retiring in our early 30's.
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Find Your Why

The most important thing you can do, whether you pursue financial freedom or not, is to know what it is that would give you the greatest fulfillment and satisfaction in your day to day life.
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Fortune Favors The Bold

Everything that I have done could be done by anyone with the right knowledge. Few are bold enough to try, are you?
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The Power Of Laziness

Not wanting to spend my entire life working to maybe retire when I'm old and feeble is what fueled me to find a different path that would require much less input.
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My Best Deal and Biggest Failure

The best, and worst, I’ve done (with numbers) You make your money when you buy. It’s an old saying in real estate,...

You are an Automaton

That’s right. You are an automaton. Your life, which you think exists so actively by your choices, probably...

A Quick Overview of the Blog

  • We love life and want to live it to the fullest by living free from the daily grind. Why wait until you're 65 to retire if you can do it within ten years of today. We've been fortunate enough to find the path to do that and want to share it with you and help you do the same.
    • Create Passive Income Through Real Estate
    • Live Financially Free
    • Explore the World
    • Do What We Want When We Want
    • Show You The Path
    • Help You Do The Same
    • Provide Support in Your Journey
    • Have Some Fun!
  • This is not a get rich quick scheme. Get rich quick schemes are just that, schemes. We simply want to help others achieve what we have by sharing our process and what we've learned on our journey from zero to financial freedom in less than ten years. The process will seem slow at first, but in the end you could shave off decades of having to work. If you are looking for a magic button and aren't willing to work a little bit more now to live financially free as quickly as possible then this is not the place for you.